Terms and Conditions

General Terms

  1. By using or registering as a GOMEX card holder, you consent to the terms and conditions outlined in this agreement.
  2. To enjoy the benefits of the GOMEX loyalty program, you are required to provide GYG with a valid email address. However, on completing the registration form you can select not to receive emails from GYG.
  3. GYG accepts no responsibility for incorrect information provided by GOMEX card holders on web forms or the like.
  4. Only one GOMEX card and account is permitted per person or email address.
  5. Unless otherwise required by law or permitted by this agreement, $GYG are non-refundable and cannot be redeemed for cash. No interest or any other earnings on funds on a GOMEX card will accrue, be paid or be credited to you by Guzman y Gomez (GYG).
  6. GYG reserves the right to refuse use of a GOMEX loyalty card on suspicion of unauthorised, fraudulent or otherwise unlawful use. Where this occurs, the account and card will be cancelled and any $GYG will be lost.
  7. GYG reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without notice.

Rate of Reward

  1. GYG dollars are the currency of GYG and will be referred to as $GYG. $GYG are not legal tender and cannot be used by any other means other than GYG.
  2. GOMEX card holders earn in GOMEX points and spend (redeem) in $GYG.
  3. GYG reserves the right to change the rate of reward and value of GOMEX points and $GYG at anytime.
  4. As of 6/3/12, for every 150 GOMEX points you earn you will receive 10 $GYG.

Earning GOMEX Points  

  1. To earn GOMEX points, you must first collect a GOMEX card from any participating GYG restaurant and present the card during your transaction.
  2. Participants must register their card at gyg.com.au/gomex before redeeming GOMEX points for $GYG.
  3. For every purchase made, you will be awarded 1 (one) GOMEX point for every $1 dollar (AUD) spent in a single transaction.

Redeeming GYG dollars ($GYG)

  1. To redeem GYG Dollars, you must meet the following criteria;                   
    1. Collect your GOMEX card from any participating GYG restaurant.
    2. Go online to gyg.com.au/gomex and register your details by completing all required fields.
    3. Earn at least 150 GOMEX points.
  2. $GYG are redeemable for rewards which consist of any food or beverage products within any participating GYG restaurant (subject to availability) at the retail price in-store.
  3. $GYG can not be purchased
  4. $GYG can only be earned through accruing GOMEX points.
  5. As of 6/3/12, rewards are redeemed at a rate of 1 $GYG to $1 AUD.
  6. Where you wish to use your $GYG for purchases over $100 AUD, you must provide the nominated restaurant with 24hours notice.

Lost or Stolen cards

  1. In the case of a lost or stolen card, you should:
    2. Visit any GYG restaurant and request a new card.
    3. Log onto gyg.com.au/gomex using your existing username (email address) and password, select the ‘card replacement’ tab and follow the prompts to link your existing $GYG to your new card.
  2. GYG will take reasonable steps so that any $GYG on the lost or stolen card are transferred to the new card, however GYG will not be held responsible for any GOMEX points or $GYG that are lost in the transfer.
  3. GYG assumes no liability for lost or stolen cards. It is the GOMEX card holders responsibility to obtain a new GOMEX card from any GYG restaurant and go online to gyg.com.au/gomex and transfer the GOMEX points and $GYG balance to the new card.

Promotions and Discounts   

  1. GOMEX cards are not valid with any other promotion, discount or offer. At times, and at the discretion of GYG, GOMEX cards may be accepted. GOMEX points will be issued on the discounted value of the check.
  2. On occasions, GYG will run promotions exclusive to the GOMEX loyalty program. These promotions will be subject to these terms and conditions, unless otherwise specified.
  3. GOMEX points are not awarded when a GYG gift card is purchased. However, the GYG Gift Card recipient (or card holder) will earn GOMEX points on purchases made using their GYG Gift Card provided they are a GOMEX card holder.


  1. No fees are charged by GYG for the issue, registration, activation or use of the GOMEX loyalty program.

Complaints Handling 

  1. While reasonable effort will be made in the restaurants so that points are correctly awarded, GYG takes no responsibility for errors associated with crediting GOMEX points and $GYG onto the GOMEX loyalty card.
  2. We reserve the right to correct the balance of your GOMEX points and $GYG if we believe a clerical or accounting error has occurred.

The ‘OLD’ GYG loyalty Card  

  1. From the 1st February 2012, GYG will no longer issue the old ‘buy 10 get 1 free’ stamped loyalty cards.
  3. Rewards (stamps) will continue to be issued until the launch of the GOMEX loyalty program.
  5. GYG will continue to honour any ‘old’ loyalty card members, on presentation of the card, at the following rate:        
    1. 8 or more stamps collected, entitles the bearer to one free burrito or menu item of equal or lesser value.
    3. 7 or less stamps entitles the bearer to 10% off the total check value.
  6. GYG will continue to honour ‘old’ loyalty card members until 1st July, 2012, after this date these cards will no longer be accepted at any GYG restaurant.

Terms and Conditions as of April 7, 2015